Leadership in Policing

Police officers from rookie to veteran have all experienced poor leadership that may lead to bad decisions and have career-long implications. Leadership and power are not synonymous and must be separated cognitively for good leaders to reach their full potential. Leaders influence and navigate their unit’s path, and their direction can mean success or failure.

Current and future leaders attending this class will define good leadership and explore seven tenets that will help them maximize their capabilities as a leader. Students in this course will evaluate case studies, participate in group discussion, role play to demonstrate key points of leadership, further develop their strengths, and address their weaknesses in leadership positions.

Attendees will come away with a new set of tools for managing their unit, maximizing the potential of their members, and finding leadership balance in themselves.

This course is designed for current and future police administrators and supervisors, as well as those in agencies peripheral to law enforcement.

Length of Course:
8AM to 5PM, Day 1
8AM to Noon, Day 2