James Etchieson

Sgt. Etchieson has served as a law enforcement officer with the Dallas Police Department (DPD) since 2009. He is currently a Sergeant in the Internal Affairs Division. Previous assignments with DPD include patrol, Field Training Officer (FTO), instructor for new FTOs, DPD academy instructor, and detective. As a certified investigator, Sgt. Etchieson has conducted and supervised hundreds of internal affairs investigations since 2018.

Prior to his career with the DPD, Sgt. Etchieson served and retired from the US Military, in both the Navy and Air Force, in active duty and reserve capacities. During his military career Sgt. Etchison completed several overseas deployments. He also was an instructor in multiple operational courses which included Mounted Patrols, Dismounted Patrols, Squad Movements, Shoot, Move, and Communicate, Active Shooter, and Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Detection.