Ed Wade

Ed Wade is the Assistant Director for Support Services for the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission. Ed has 33 years of law enforcement experience and retired from the Tacoma (WA) Police Department as a Deputy Chief of Police where he oversaw the department's internal operations. His prior assignments were as the Assistant Chief in charge of the Operations Bureau and as the Assistant Chief in charge of the Administrative Services Bureau. In the Operations Bureau, Ed oversaw the uniformed functions of the department consisting of the Patrol and Community Policing Divisions. In Administrative Services, Ed oversaw all administrative functions to include Internal Affairs, hiring, and recruiting.

His previous assignments included SWAT Team Leader and Commander, EOD Commander, Internal Affairs Commander, and Patrol Commander.

Ed has been involved in hundreds of Internal Affairs and bureau level investigations alleging employee policy violations and misconduct as well as investigated or oversaw numerous Use of Force investigations, officer involved shootings incidents, and deadly force reviews.

Ed has a bachelor's degree in Law & Justice and Sociology, holds an Executive Certification with the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission, completed the Northwest Law Enforcement Command College, and attended the Harvard Kennedy School's Senior Executives in State and Local Government program.

Ed has presented an introduction to Internal Affairs to a large number of officers & supervisors, college students, and to community groups to provide a basic understanding of complaint investigations and processes.